Me trying to make an IDE
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Concorde IDE

Concorde is a currently WIP IDE made by BodgeMaster and Shwoomple.

Planned features:

  • can operate as a single window or components of the IDE (like the console) can be undocked and run in separate windows to allow for better use of multiple monitors
  • all GUI elements have to be controlled in a toolkit independent way so that can be yoinked and replaced with a different implementation without changing any other code
  • only barebones internals, relying on external tools to provide most of the traditional IDE features
    • project management
      • preferably rely on standard tools to do that and just provide a nice way of interacting with them in the IDE
    • code editor
      • integration for syntax checking, warnings, etc. (if provided by external tool)
      • integration for syntax highlighting (if provided by external tool)
      • integration for project-wide renaming of variables (if provided by external tool)
    • console / terminal
    • file explorer / project explorer
  • some sort of extension API to both unify the integration of external tools and add functionality to the IDE (low priority goal)