Sometimes, I get bored - or offer to educate before realizing the amount of work that goes into it.

Updated 4 days ago

Updated 2 months ago

WIP Minecraft clone project

Updated 1 day ago

Python Hypertext Preprocessor - a naive implementation of an idea I had a while back....

Updated 6 months ago

LostCave Terminal Just a terminal emulator

Updated 6 months ago

Just a quiz bot for Discord that started development in the later half of crunch week.

Updated 7 months ago

Me trying to make an IDE

Updated 6 months ago

mainly experimenting for now, may or may not become a real platform in the future

Updated 9 months ago

A command line utility to manage files using tags bringing some advantages of databases to file management

Updated 8 months ago

The files I use to set up Minecraft as a systemd service

Updated 10 months ago

The new home of the ThreadR Forum Engine

Updated 1 year ago

Session management tools used by LostCave and ThreadR

Updated 1 year ago

Small set of administration tools used by ThreadR and hopefully other projects in the future

Updated 1 year ago

The minimum files needed to use the deployment webhook

Updated 1 year ago

Just a simple webhook for Gitea that can be used to automatically deploy websites (and probably other stuff)...

Updated 1 year ago

The new home of the ThreadR Forum Engine

Updated 11 months ago

A tool that can be used to save disk space in various ways

Updated 1 year ago

Just a collection of random useful code snippets

Updated 4 months ago

A Minecraft zombie apocalypse mod

Updated 2 years ago